About This Blog

I’m a Lutheran pastor living in Northfield, MN.  I am the Associate Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church. This blog is filled with recently preached sermons, and perhaps other things (but I wouldn’t count on it).


3 comments on “About This Blog

  1. Gary Benson says:

    Whow, what a blessing to read your sermons … without question you have a great gift of bringing the gospel to the heart and spirit of others.
    I can’t believe you will be a Senior; you will indeed be a gift and blessing as a leader in the church. It would be interesting for me to hear what your greatest joys and challenges have been as your sought to meet the needs of your congregation.

    All is “toasty in Sun City,” I played golf on Monday in 102 heat …… lots of water.

    Again, what a blessing you are, you have what Dr Frost would call the ability to engage a “homilectical bias,” in other words you can see sermons through daily life experience.. Keep it up, Gary. PS I also love how your sermons are presented on your web page… You young people and technology … again a true blessings.

  2. Ned Cosby says:

    Greetings Pastor Jonathan,

    Ned Cosby, here, interim pastor of Linthicum Baptist Church near DC. I’m thinking of preaching on Eze 33 and found your sermon very helpful and insightful.

    Blessings as you serve Jesus,

    Pastor Ned

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