Staying Sober

Hello again.  It has been more than two weeks since my last post.  As I mentioned in my first post, I knew that this blog would be difficult to keep up.  Over the past couple of days, I felt the desire to just give in and let this blog fall to the wayside, like another project unfinished, another resolution unkept, another attempt at sobriety unmet.  

But alas, here I am, writing once again.  

The desire to simply forget about this blog was only one of the many things that I have been tempted to forget about over the past couple of weeks.  After I came back  from Los Angeles, and Lauren from Switzerland, we returned home different people.  New outlooks, new goals, new values.  Actually, this transformation did not simply arise out of our trips during January, but began over a cup of coffee, right before our trips.  We began asking ourselves this question: What do we want to be different about our lives when we come back?

We created a laundry list of ideas, some of which included watching TV less, reading more, spending more quality time together (like having coffee), exercising more, etc.  We were very excited to begin tackling these goals when we got back.  And when we returned, our energy for addressing these goals (and more!) was through the roof.  The first thing we did on the morning that we were back was cancel our cable, thus helping us to reduce of TV intake.  

However, as the weeks continued, that energy lessened under the tempting stench of laziness, the ease of forgetting, and the habit of planning too much.  Suddenly, life became stressful again.  Arguments increased.  Irritation accelerated.  Suddenly, we were back in the life that we had attempted to leave behind in that coffee shop.  

But with a clear mind and the support of each other, we rededicate ourselves to who we want to be.  There have been and will be slip ups, as the need for a fix is surprisingly strong. However, we are in the business of breaking old addictions and I believe that 2009 can be a year of transformation for Lauren and me.