Celebrity Virgin No More

That’s right, I have seen my first celebrity, up-close and personal.  It also just happened to be the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Counting Crows.  Having spent the entire day at Santa Monica Beach, a group of us decided to get a late lunch at Subway.  In a mall-like area, it was necessary to take an escalator up to Subway.  Then, as I was standing on the escalator minding my own business, I look behind me and think, “Gosh, that guys look s a lot like….no, it can’t be…..wait…oh my gosh, that is definitely Adam Duritz!”  I heart began to pound and I got nervous.  You would have thought that I was about to propose to the guy….

Adam Duritz

Trying to keep my cool, I decided that I had to say something.  When would I get this chance again? However, I didn’t want to completely make a scene on what was clearly his day off.  So, perhaps nerdishly but hopefully not to annoyingly for him, I simply said, “Hey, I really like your stuff.”  His response: “Thanks, man.”  He looked tired and was on the move, plus I was too nervous, for there to be any more than that.  No picture, no handshake.  

I must say that I have been thinking about that moment all day long, going over and over it in my head.  I go back and forth between thinking a) I should have not bothered him, b) regretting what I said and wishing I had come up with something cooler to say, and c) what I said was probably cool enough.  It is very interesting though how I begin to think that if only I had said something a little more personal or a little more unique, then suddenly he would have wanted to talk and hang out with me, thus creating Adam and I as new friends.  I reckon it is highly doubtful that I could have said much of anything that he hasn’t already heard before.  And yet, I spent the rest of the day stalking him on the internet, still continuing to dream…”What would I say to him the next time, though?   I wonder if he would remember me….”


One comment on “Celebrity Virgin No More

  1. mark says:

    you should have probably just said,

    “no words…”

    and then gone in for a hug!

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