So I have created a blog.  I am not sure that I saw this coming, but as I lie (I hope that is the correct use of that verb) in bed here in Los Angeles, at the home of my Spanish-speaking host family, I could not help but feel that perhaps I ought to do this.  

When some members of this cross-cultural class and I were down at Venice Beach yesterday, we saw a shirt that said, “ I Never Finish Anythi…  I laughed because I knew that I should buy that shirt for myself.  It might be a little extreme and overdramatic to say that I never finish anything, but I do often feel that the daily resolutions to workout more, read more, pray more, etc., consistently wither away after a solid two day jaunt, at which point there is usually a period of self-scolding, followed by a personal pep talk, leading me back to the beginning of this cycle.  Thus the feeling of not finishing anything.  Now the real reason why I brought up this t-shirt is because I hope that this blog is not just another one of those things that eventually falls to the floor and is left for dead.  I guess we will just have to wait and see…

Blessings and good night.


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